Nest and Tessellate offers an array of Enchanted objects. We specialize in talismans, amulets and house warding tiles, featuring original sigil designs. These treasures are created and charged to amplify personal power. By acting as touchstones in mindfulness practice, they become tools for focusing personal energy on protection from harm or as catalysts for healing, attracting abundance or transformative change in our lives. Our wish is to aid in the realization of dreams for the future through the revival of a magical worldview.


There is a direct correlation between the materialist worldview and ecological-social injustices. We believe that cultivating greater sensitivity to our immediate environment allows us to become better tuned-in to what’s going on in nature, each other and ourselves. In contrast, animism posits that everything is alive in it’s own right and thus deserving of consideration and respect. The animistic worldview is a part of everyone’s ancestral tradition, regardless of cultural origin. By abusing the spirit of the Earth, we injure ourselves, causing climate change, pollution, suffering and conflict over resources.


Nest and Tessellate seeks to act as an agent of healing by cultivating positive energy feedback through interaction with touchstone art objects. Our talismans and amulets, house warding tilesritual vessels and alter-pieces are enchanted with the intention of bringing about a renewal of magical folk art traditions. This work is part of a devotional practice, grounded in the Earth and her cycles. Each piece is produced as a jumping off point for contemplation, flowering and spilling over into the real in accordance with how well our dreams for the future are tended.