Commonly used as a negativism, magical thinking is often invoked to discredit an opponent’s argument, cast doubt on someone’s mental processes or describe a coping mechanism. In contrast, it is also used by anthropologists to describe the animistic universe that we humans were born from. Though removed from it, we still have a need for this magic in our lives. To make the world whole again, force us to look up into the depths of the sky, and into ourselves, not just at a screen – as our more divisive powers have led us to do.

Can we revive a deep sense of wonder as a cure for what ails this age? By applying an equal proportion of an opposing force, can we redirect the lifeless analytical momentum of a global economic metabolism toward sustainable futures? We each influence the outcome of this collective story in millions of small but significant ways. By opening ourselves up to the energy of abundance that flows freely through nature, we will allow this same energy to flow through our lives as well, a salve for the Anthropocene.


Something like a technology of the spirit, we can use a touchstone image or object within our surroundings as an aid to open and amplify our magical worldview. Nest and Tessellate is a playground for artwork with intent to collaborate in an exchange of energy. We create personal talismans, house wardingsceremonial vessels and alter-pieces for magical thinkers of all types, who engage with the mysteries of being, but are grounded in the Earth as well. Each piece is the seed of a relationship, which will grow and flower in accordance with how well it is tended.