personal talismans

Nest and Tessellate offers art objects for magical thinkers. Specializing in personal talismans, amulets and house warding tiles featuring original sigil designs, these objects are created and charged to amplify personal power. By acting as a touchstone in regular mindfulness practice, they become tools used to focus energy on protection from harm or as attractors for attaining love, luck and lucidity. My wish is to aid in the realization of dreams through the revival of a magical, animist worldview. Why animism? Animism believes that everything is living in it’s own way and thus deserving of respect.

We see a direct correlation between material throw-away culture and social injustice, and believe that cultivating greater respect for our immediate environment allows us to hold nature, each other and ourselves in greater reverence. The animistic worldview is a part of everyone’s ancestral tradition, regardless of cultural origin. At one point in time, all peoples honored the Earth herself as a living being, responsive to petition and to slights against her. We are currently experiencing the ramifications of abusing her via global warming, the unintended consequences of pollution and the conflicts that ensue over competition for depleted resources, resulting in a state of perpetual warfare.

Like a technology of intent, we can use an image or object within our surroundings as a mirror, reflecting and amplifying willed psychological change. Mindset matters, and however small these changes in mindfulness, the impact of an altered worldview on the interpretation of experience is real. If we are kind to ourselves, making time to center our ever spinning mental process along a meditative axis, we slow our thought process to stillness. This allows an openness to new information, ways of seeing and being, and a place of strength and sovereignty from which to operate.

Charging our inner batteries can be aided by the presence of a corporeal reminder of this practice. Nest and Tessellate is a playground for artwork with intent to cultivate positive personal energy in feedback loops. We create talismans and amulets, house wardsritual vessels and alter-pieces. This work is part of a meditative practice, grounded in the Earth. Each piece is intended to be a seed for wishes coming true, a jumping off point for meditative ruminations, flowering and spilling over into the real in accordance with how well those dreams are tended.