“Knowledge and wisdom are distinct concepts. Whereas knowledge may be only theoretical in nature, wisdom is experientially verified to be effective. Ancestral wisdom is made up of practices that our ancestors experienced to be so important and effective that they wished to pass them forward to us. The unique greatness of human beings stems from this ability to pass wisdom to future generations. This is an ability that the human animal alone possesses. Unfortunately, the First World has been robbed of much of its ancestral wisdom inheritance.”                                  –Rohit Kumar

What could I possibly have to add to the conversation, that is of value with my limited experience?

It used to be that there were layers of ancestral connective threads that stretched unbroken, from generation to generation, as far back as anyone could remember. Where was the power of that story lost along the way? Was it during the migration to America or the migration before that? Was it all the wars fought, bouncing whole populations around the map in response to violence? All the famines and plagues, or the industrial revolution? I don’t always feel the continuity, even though I carry on traditions passed down to me. There seems to be a critical piece of the delivery apparatus I’ve missed, so I collect parental figures as an adaptation. What makes sense to me is belief in the sun, bringer of all life, and the mothers that are the physical vessel from which new life springs.

2016-05-30 09.41.59 (2)Where I’ve been all my life; like a fish inside a bowl, what’s outside distorted by the glass.

As the words of my story form in my mouth, and the arc of what I have to say takes shape, I hope that it will someday shoot out like a rainbow, brightening the sky after a storm. I wish to speak truth, not just for myself, but for others as well. If unsuccessful, at least I’ll have tried. If judged poorly, I hope it’s not for lack of effort or good will. I don’t know if any of this will ever amount to anything – but there’s also something important to be captured in this crossover generation, from the Oregon Trail to the information superhighway.

If not documented here, at what point in the future could it ever be replicated? Will this someday be logged as part of a collective ancestral knowledge? “Remember the days when there was no internet, remember the times when there were no smart phones!”Those days may return sooner than you’d think. We may all someday rely again on the knowledge gleaned from the spirits of plants, the phase of the moon or solar azimuth. I’m kind of fascinated by what can’t be found on the web – it’s not a panacea. Take a minute now and find something that can’t be digitized. Savor it thoroughly.


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