I recently came across the quote: ‘Try again. Fail again. Fail better.’ – coined by playwright Samuel Beckett, father of the ‘Theater of the Absurd’ and used by local Maker Workshop, Leonardo’s Basement on all of their promotional materials. This is speaking to me after coming down off of a lot of momentum, a lot of feedback and, now laid out before me, a lot of revision ahead. August is a challenging time to stay motivated. Having spent most of the summer in production mode, I’m feeling the need to step back and reassess process before going forward.


Trying out a new method of constructing pin backs and stitching fiber to metal.

Fall means more work ahead of the Holidays, taking time to put up the garden’s bounty, and smelling the seasonal change in the air. Taking time to celebrate deep summer, hear the crickets sing, and ready oneself for the onslaught of Winter. I got what I came for, gained some traction, earned a stripe, and now I’m pausing for breath before putting my head back down and pressing forward into the cool shelter of the next thing. Sometimes the pursuit itself is an escape, maybe that’s what I’m ultimately in it for – to give myself a carrot, a deadline to hold out in front that beckons ever onward.

1781950_10208416517718298_5525152792850820222_nMore tiny brooches, still learning about creating tension and closure.

If true, then I am the carrot, the stick and the donkey. Where are we going? We don’t know, but hope it will be worth it. How will we know when we’ve arrived? I expect and look for positive ping-backs from the universe that indicate that I’m on the right path. But in the mean time, I’m here to explore and taste all the delicacies that come by my table. To cook a few up to be served to others, exchange recipes, break bread together. I love the relationships I make more than anything. Fellow pilgrims along a long road to the perfection of creative expression, we trade in stories and compliments, recommendations and cautionary tales. It seems like an open secret, the friends you make and things you see on ‘The (art fair) Circuit’.

Mobile work stations; always toggling between the basement, garage workshop and the kitchen table!

If I ever feel like I’m failing at this trip, it’s usually because I’m comparing myself to someone else’s work or progress. While it’s useful to do this with isolated elements, looking at the whole shebang that way is a recipe for tearing down your work. I’m worthy of whatever praise I can garner, but it’s me against me, not me against you. So, I’m off to listen to Shannon and the Clams and get back to it, however absurd the outcome. Wanna come with? It’ll be fun!


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