I used to deal in salt accretion, as a medium to express the passage of time. While not hardy enough to take the abuse of wear, I had it in mind to construct felt ‘gems’ and use them as an armature for cultivated crystal growth. The results were good and will be honed further still. I would like to try this on the inside of something next time, like a glass bubble brooch, maybe that would suffer impact better. Too big for casual wear, these could be painstakingly made just to be destroyed in some ritual use over the course of an evening. That’d be worth the expense.

20151117_194503Trying out colors, to be encrusted with crystal growth like that above.

Despite it’s hypothetical nature, you can easily appreciate the successes made in transmuting an organic, fibrous material like sheep’s wool into flat sheets of felt. Then cut into patterns and carefully stitched together to form perfect polyhedra. I barely passed math classes in school, but give me the data in shapes, as something I can see and touch, and I’ll do cartwheels with it. It was, later on, a surprise to me that I could design and build structures using all of the skills and knowledge that I had to come up with workarounds for back in the day.20151119_132040

Study for a vision of clusters of geometric solids, cascading over the shoulders.

Another variation I’m jonesing to make happen are smaller clusters of these solids, in varying related shapes and configurations, also encrusted. Like a giant collar or chandelier earrings. Maybe a tiara for the ice-queen in your life? These are premonitions of cold things to come, frost, chill, icicles, and the warmth of coming in together to take shelter from the Frost Giants. Preparing for the cold season, I’m wrapping up my plankton brooch series and moving on to the winter wonderland ahead of the Holidays.

neen MFA '09 (211)Salt garden – try this at home, kids!

The last quarter of the year is when over half of all art sales are made. Gifts, of course, but a lot of it has to do with vacation/art fair season being over with, and the lazy lull of the new year/trade-show season before that. Seasonal cycles have always been close to my heart, but I’m seeing more and more that this line of business ebbs and flows to the seasonal cycles as well. You almost have to start your production planning a year in advance just to stay caught up as the wheel rolls on, so you don’t get crushed in coming up short!


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