Studies show that people who are encouraged to celebrate small accomplishments, also report having more feelings of happiness and satisfaction with their lives. Celebration is a reward for all the hard work and obstacles overcome to summit, and reinforces that our efforts were indeed worth it. It also sets the stage for subsequent successes, as it replenishes our social batteries with needed energy and affirmation. Everyone should take a break and party sometimes, especially now, because it’s my birthday week!

Just pause for a moment. Breathe deeply. Be here now. Bask in it.

My reasons for getting down in gratitude are many; I am surrounded by support, I have the training, tools and time at my disposal to pursue a wild-ass idea close to my heart. My friends and family are happy and healthy, I am privileged in having a house to call my own and never to go hungry. I am loved and I love all the amazing people in my life. And last, but not the least, despite all the distracting things that present themselves at this juncture in time, I am somehow able to keep making incremental progress to bring a creative vision to fruition.

I am well aware that it doesn’t look like much right now, that I am slow to produce, with limited windows of productivity, that I am currently five months pregnant with my third child. It doesn’t matter, it’s about the journey, not the destination. If I was there already, I’d get bored sooner or later and move on. If I can keep exploring, keep evolving, keep chipping away at understanding the details around marketing, I am fulfilled. In some ways, this has been a really great time to sequester myself for the purposes of getting a handle vision and voice, independently of many deadlines. Although it does feel like being put through a lemon squeezer at times

Make a wish, write it down, light the fire, fill up an eco-friendly sky lantern, let it go.

My working hypothesis is that getting through the next year, at peak baby, will be a feat of willpower, and that if I can just see the other side of that, I’ll be set up for the straightaway. So this week, I am opening myself to future successes by simply finding joy wherever it is to be had. Hitting the reset button for the coming year; I am proud for sticking to my goals as well as I was able, for not giving up because of setbacks, and for finding the energy to continue. The muse moves quickly and not often in a linear path, I see connections to be woven together in finer and finer detail, it’s all coming into focus, now to roll it up into a ball and spit it out!


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