It’s that time of year again, the park is buzzing with Summer activity. The jewel of the neighborhood, Powderhorn hosts people from all walks, coming together around this common space. It’s one of those things that can’t be described in words, you have to feel it to appreciate it fully. Mayday pageants, candlelight peace vigils, the Art Fair, Empty Bowls, community pottery, youth sports, 4th of July fireworks, voting and all manner of holy days. Someone told me that the Dali Llama once blessed the park, which I can’t verify, but I think the area is just magical. I’ve lived in 5 houses around Powderhorn over the course of ten years. I got married there, I’m still here. And I’ll be selling at the Art Fair August 6-7th.

1107 (2)


Pieces ready for market; improving all the time, learning how to work across media.

Powderhorn Art Fair is a time-honored tradition in our house. Someone has to be represented there, doing something, whether volunteering to throw pots, running the pottery program sale, selling in a booth, or jurying the show. I think one of us has been involved every year for the last decade at least. This year will be better than the last but not as good as the next. It will feature a tighter game, better work, but will still have room for improvement. Attended by many whom I know and love, and many who I will make friends with for the first time, I’m there already in my mind.

A screen arranged to display a collection of wild-ass ideas. Do they relate enough?

From the Powderhorn Art Fair press release: “Powderhorn Art Fair, one of the finest juried regional art fairs in the country, celebrates artistic expression and community engagement. Set in a pastoral, 66-acre city park, Powderhorn Art Fair features 184 regional and national artists of varied disciplines, as well as a Community Showcase and Group Exhibitors from the Powderhorn area. Powderhorn Art Fair is a collaboration between the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. Proceeds from the Art Fair help fund Powderhorn Park programs all year long– giving neighborhood residents of all ages a safe environment in which to play, learn and grow.”

Community-made PEB bowls, soup and bread oven, just one of myriad reasons to stay.

Because of all this history of association, any event here gives me the warm fuzzies. This is a high-Summer rite, marking one of the four cardinal directions of the year, and as close to the sun as we’ll get. As the Summer solstice approaches, the warmth and energy in the neighborhood is divine. I’m trying to channel all of it into finishing details, bottling the essence of this moment in a piece of useful art. Will you be able to feel the spark once captured? Will you look at it and know it’s in there? I’ll keep trying to hone my art until you do.


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