Everyone performs rituals to give order to their day. Often, these are punctuated by the use of objects; a coffee mug, a favorite shirt, a wedding ring. What we drive, where we live, color signals, media preferences. We’re all at once broadcasting a story and attracting those who use the same codes. Some of us avoid each other like oil and water, some of us are chameleons. All of us read intent by interpreting signs and symbols borne on the surface of the other. We decide almost instantly who we’re interacting with based on superficial details, seemingly out of necessity.

20170327_130701I throw a spread once or twice a week to help get a read on where I’m at.

If I start making up a new symbolic language by fusing bits of old ones together, or if I create sigils from scratch, could utilizing them on visible surfaces have a targeted effect? Even if only to confuse the compartmentalizing process for a few minutes – wouldn’t that be something? They could be conceived of initially as social categorization baffles, but with several deeper layers of interpretation available, according to the signs and symbols employed. They could be reversed or inverted in a group action to symbolically deplete or restore a targeted power. They could form a crack in the multiverse, opening up other ways of knowing each other.

20170320_123201I couldn’t do it for you, but any practice that encourages reflection is good in my book.

There are lots of signs and symbols being deployed to bringing ideas into focus, giving products and governments greater reach in our lives. What if we tried to do the opposite of define, widening the grey areas, the margins, until these fringe spaces rivaled the central pillars of power in gravity and influence? If we can expand to envelop the adversary, in whatever form it exists, we might reabsorb it as a part of a working whole. I’m visualizing a light lavender foam, like fading bubbles in the bath, breathable and nourishing to the touch.

It suddenly recurred to me, out of the blue, that I should forget some things I’ve learned along the way. That there’s a lot of creative baggage in the design choices and processes I could benefit from relieving myself of. It is a strange thing to unburden yourself of things you define yourself by. It’s easy to want to let the ugly bits go, but the glory can be even heavier than the sorrow after awhile. My cards have had a lot to tell me of late, and I’m paying attention. There is a great change in the air, walk toward it, don’t run away.

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. ”        – Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Hamlet to Horatio



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