>A piece of artwork, such as a painting or carving, that is placed above and behind an altar.

These are meditative images to live with and absorb slowly over time. They strive to be minimalist in composition, with a transcendent effect. Borrowing from patterns in nature and symbolism, each one documents moments along a path of spiritual inquiry.


An old image of a piece I cut some teeth on, in a similar spirit, though very different style.

I’m experiencing a notion, after a long period of reorganization, to use related image sets on three distinct categories of object, all united with a spiritual bent. These are altarpieces, ritual vessels and talismans. Non-denominational, but with an intent to do something like raising the vibration in a localized space, with continued use over time. I’m not claiming that they will work miracles, but with luck, they will prove collaborative at the least. They will require participation to do their work, and I won’t determine the result as much as you will.

I imagine an energetic feedback loop between our person and our environment, the energy we put into a space changes it, and vice versa. If we choose to surround ourselves with calming imagery, we reaffirm a calm state of being. Just like a wilderness setting affirms a state of being at one with nature. On the flip side, thoughtlessly constructed spaces can have a negative effect on our beings. We don’t require a lot of means to practice mindfulness within our homes and public squares, we only need awareness and a willingness to put the energy into creating a charged space.


burroughs copy

The original iteration of an altarpiece, from the early 2000’s, looking back to move ahead.

This has been something brewing in the back of my process for years and years, coming out sideways, as I grope for the words and forms that will communicate what the animal looks like to me. Collage used to be a big part of how I constructed a piece of visual art, but those methods gave way to working in three-dimensions over the years. Now I’m finding that the image can project an idea in a more direct way than many of the vessels or sculptural jewels that I had moved on to since. If I can unite some simple forms with symbolism or systems thinking, I see something beautiful and functional coming of it, but with subtle effects, not utilitarian.



Life inside a collage; cross-pollination of imagery from years of associative meditation.

It may sound looney-tunes, but I decided after the ‘Alternative Facts’ thing that I would throw caution to the wind and speak whatever truth came to me. I’m not going to dull the edges of the prickly bits that don’t lend themselves to fair weather conversation. I don’t know what value any of this will have down the road, but I don’t think there will be any at all of the image in mind is edited for public consumption. I’ve had a vision, and it comes in three varieties. Moving on to material experiments, I aim to have reasonable facsimiles by August 5&6, again to be presented at Powderhorn.


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