We empower symbols through the beliefs and associations we assign to them. When we agree to give something a shared meaning, we are multiplying its gravity. Sometimes symbols can become so strong that it is irrelevant whether you accept them as true or not, their power exists independently of belief. Accordingly, large institutions are given their own gravitational mass through widely accepted social bargains, reinforced by cooperative norms and expressed through the adoption of codes and customs.

My workspace, getting cramped, just like my words. Time to free them up.

In order to explore the influence of signs and symbols acting on consciousness, I use a kind of ritual art-making in an attempt to intentionally alter causal feedback loops. The resulting objects can act as a direction-finding tool for uncovering lost truths, somewhat like using a dowsing rod for finding water. Devices like the Orgone Accumulator once promised to restore depleted life forces, where is the vision of a replenished future going, how will we find it? Charging these objects with singular intent, or alternatively, allowing them to recharge us, we can uncover potential upshots that weren’t conceivable before the suspension of our disbelief.

Our presence in the world produces undulations of causative effects, radiating outward from the center of our beings, and bouncing off of other people, events and objects, back toward us like sound waves. We mirror the feedback absorbed from our surroundings, but don’t often pause to ponder how we might step outside of or alter the effects it has on our concept of self and how we relate to the environment. In response, this work is an exercise in mapping-out relationships between symbols, patterns, intent and outcome, toward gaining a degree of influence in the reestablishment of natural systems.

Tools for transformation.

To test these theories, I use metal, ceramic and wooden surfaces to investigate signs and patterns as localized change attractors. Everyone is looking for a solution to something, my intent is that these experiments might open up a deliberately illogical device for personal and social empowerment. To further delineate this series, I make ‘Nesting’ pieces to foster inner path-working. In contrast, ‘Tessellating’ pieces are designed to help manifest an effect in the mundane world, perhaps causing just the slightest shift in awareness toward an abundant world. These modes mirror each other, reflecting both subtle and overt causal patterns into an ever finer, mutually reinforcing lattice.

When logic no longer prevails in the world, is it reasonable to turn toward magic? Given the stakes, I believe we are required to test every angle, leaving no option unexplored. What if ‘magical thinking’, in an alchemical sense, is what we have been missing in the pursuit of the next phase of human development? What if the solutions to global problems of sustainability, peace and renewal aren’t to be found by analytical means, but by emotive ones? The path forward and how we’re going get there together will be revealed in the symbols and solutions we assign gravity to. There are powerful symbols that transcend geography, cultural barriers, language and conviction. They are old, ubiquitous, and may represent seeds of transformation, if we can remember what they have meant to us.


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