>A stone, ring, or other object, engraved with figures or characters supposed to possess occult powers and worn as an amulet or charm.
>Any amulet or charm.
>Anything whose presence exercises a powerful influence on human feelings or actions.

These pieces are emblems of personal storytelling, designed to reinforce or diminish certain ideas that we presently hold about ourselves. If we need to altar something in our own inner space, they can act as a constant reminder of the change we want to see.

Snap rings; machine parts that belonged to my Dad become a reminder of his presence. 

I’m not sorry for refusing to give up on magical thinking. It’s a lovely way to experience the world. What I’m representing here in pictures aren’t accurate examples of what I have in mind, but they approximate in some way where I’m coming from, orienting myself to where I’m going. I have a notion to create talismans for everyday magic, imbuing each piece with intent and giving each owner permission to believe in their own transformative powers.

The vision I’m seeing up ahead requires borrowing from the visual vocabulary of western esoterica, natural and technological systems. I am holding an idea in my mind with a universal lattice defining the background, superimposed by an image, icon or pattern suggestive of a wish to attract or repel. An image can act like a magnet or battery, influential to thoughts and feelings. There is psychology in this, but if anything, magic is a technology of thought. I believe this will work, and so it does for me. You might believe this practice will be rubbish, and so it won’t have anything to offer to you.


Just add Ouroboros; jewels bearing symbols can be more than meet the eye. 

My aim in doing this is to open myself to who I am and have been, finding the intersections or nodes of thinking that are the only ones I can offer with authenticity. It’s hard not to be distracted by what everyone else is doing, difficult not to feel that if your artwork isn’t comparable to xyz, you must not be doing it right. There are patrons who are also interested in the intersection of magic, nature and social systems. Within that community, a passion for powerful work runs deep, and there is room for all who come in perfect love and perfect trust. This series will be an offering to the home at the end of that rainbow.

If you feel a sense of truth in embracing the power of storytelling to give depth and breadth to a flattened sense of reality, you should run with it. For all of our technological marvels, we still understand very little of that which can’t be quantified. Can you measure intent or the will to something better? No, but you can navigate through the unknown and around obstacles by orienting yourself toward the highest truth. Using a talisman as a reference point, like a compass, allows for something to develop that can be intuited but not rationalized. The truth is that we are not rational beings, if we were rational, we would have given up a long time ago.



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