I had a dream or something about playing around with varying combinations of point, line, direction and color, over a grid, as a way of mapping the story arc of a lifetime. The rules of the drawings are inspired by algorithms used by computers to solve path-finding problems in spatial exercises. But looking at the simplicity of the image, I’m reminded of things like sigils, hobo signs and constellations, all to do with ways of finding one’s way. These are just quick renderings in colored pencil, but I’ve a mind to try them next in watercolor or guache on a larger scale.

20170606_120551 (2)

An abstraction of the paths taken in the journey of a lifetime.

There are so many rules to this series that they take on a meditative quality while I’m working. It can be hard for me to simplify, there’s always more layers of meaning or more tools and tricks I want to incorporate. It’s difficult to stay long with any one idea, so I’m finding that allowing for a broad range of materials and expressions, united by something simple – like a sigil or sign, to be a good way to satisfy both the need for adventure and a thread between all permutations. Soon, I’ll also try using smaller versions of these signs and sigils on a ground of enameled copper, to act like an amulet of some kind.


Studies of point, line, directional change and color. 

The colors feel like they allude to different kinds of head-space or to vibrations and wavelengths of all kinds. While I am often stressed out trying to make enough room in my life for all that I want to accomplish while I’m here, these are teaching me to be the master of my own time, and not to be mastered by it (a common flaw in those ruled by the planet Saturn). I’m thinking about the energy that flows from a person into everything they touch, creative in nature or not, there is no room in what I wish to convey for that stress, and so I’m consciously releasing it to make room for that quiet calm that these feel like they want to embody.

The underlying squares hold many associations for me; a universal lattice of awareness and spirit, the endlessness of the built human grid – from circuits to city blocks, to farmed acreage and high-rise cubicles, our lives contained within them. Also to lines of latitude and longitude on a map, and three-dimensional coordinates. I’ve been framing this blog in terms of a record of pathworking through creative nodes over time, these images feel like they summarize a lot of that sentiment, and I’m thankful that they found their way to me. While they are only seeds, buried in the internet, they hold the kernel of good things to come.


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