Have you ever had a thing that you had to do, lodged in the back of your consciousness, just waiting to be acknowledged and given room to breathe? This has been it for me since November. When there aren’t enough fresh moments to go around, months can slip by, when all I can do is get everything configured correctly for the operation, but can’t commit to it’s execution. The stars seem to have to be aligned in just such a way for the start to occur, but then, the rest will flow with greater and greater momentum as the front-end of the process get’s out of the way.


Testing 1,2,3; trying out various ceramic and enameling furniture for best firing effect.

Last year, I had started playing with enamels to get the mechanics down, but the election threw me for a loop. I had put all of it aside until attracted back toward using simple symbols drawn onto glazed copper surfaces, after seeing Nicollette Absil’s work. As it turns out, the grid drawings I tested recently look lovely applied to this material. And as there’s been a surging interest in large Wonder Woman style cuff bracelets, I feel I’m in a good place to be working in biggish pieces of copper. Achieving depth in the drawings on enamel is tricky (the glass wants to reject absorbing the graphite sitting on it’s surface), but I think we can work together given time.


Dic-tion-a-ry; from alchemical signs to computer codes to hobo language, we’ve got it all.


Now it comes down to selecting the right symbols, in the right configurations. I have three or four different dictionaries of signs and symbols to draw from, but I’d like to work with something that is rooted in the present at least as much as the past. Wondering how much I can get away with re-configuring and combining the known to produce new meanings that are intuitively accessible and not over-complicated. Trying to keep in mind that I will have to explain all of this, and I’d like for eyes not to glaze over when I do.

I knew someone once, who created their own written alphabet, just for kicks. There are rules about these things, certain functions and qualifiers that must be addressed in order to be considered complete. I’m not inventing my own language, just looking to establish a core vocabulary, what is minimally necessary to convey a roughly complete picture of my views. It isn’t complicated in my mind’s eye, but it seems to be when I’m called on to translate it for general consumption. There is a simplicity in getting back to using a drawing as the focal point of these pieces, I’m loving the potential of graphite layered and combined with other materials. Constantly reminding myself to just Keep It Simple, Sweetheart.


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