Good things are in the works this Fall. There’s been ample opportunity to collaborate and get new work out through multiple channels. Artwork is up at The Future – an Aquarian Lab in South Minneapolis, I’m making more pieces to go to Gallery 360 for the holidays, an upcoming pop-up show at Acanthus Floral Art on October 13th, and the ACC’s Holiday Craft Hop with Conspiracy of Strange Girls Dec 2nd. Trusting the process each day, I’m building energy and momentum with each move made. Hoping to imbue each piece with a little life of it’s own, I’d love to see positive feedback loops forming to sustain my practice well into the future.

Feast at the Future

Header image and above: Feast at The Future, in the Witch District, for artist Mari Mathlin.

Recently shifting studio spaces has opened up more room to allow new modes of making to breathe and stretch. It’s a complicated equation to solve, as there has to be room for so many things to work together – clay, copper, glass & fire. Plants, acetate, xacto knives, drawing media and of course documenting it all along the way. A constantly moving target, the goals generated come as fast or faster than I can satisfy them, and as I work from home, maintaining good boundaries between studio time and personal time is essential. Slowing down enough to focus on a singular creative task at hand is the challenge, so I use the invocation of ‘focus pocus’ when creating ritual space-time for creating.

Acanthus market

Fall Maker’s Market at Acanthus Floral Art, Fri Oct 13 4-9 and Sat 14 10-4.

With modest success has come great responsibility. The visual language I’m using on talismans and house warding tiles is something that I am trying to be very conscious about. There are hopes and dreams embedded in the symbols used here, and I want to be careful not to over-promise, while at the same time allowing the magic to do it’s thing. Whether you believe or not isn’t material to the process of making the object itself, only to what comes after. I’m tailoring each sign to an imagined patron, so that each piece feels like it has been crafted and is destined for a specific individual. Take it or leave it, if art creates positive meaning in our lives, why take issue with arriving there via mysticism or materiality?

Conspiracy of Strange Girls

American Craft Council Holiday Craft Hop with A Conspiracy of Strange Girls : Saturday, Dec 2nd 12-5:00

I’m also finding that there is also a dark side to some of this symbolism that I have to be careful to sidestep around. Unfortunately, traditional Nordic runes and Slavic folk patterns have become tainted by alt-right haters, and while not widely understood, these connections make the use of some symbols loaded with shadow meanings that I don’t want to risk being associated with. Ogham runes are within the realm of my heritage, but because I’m not entirely fluent, I’m wary of relying on published resources too heavily. Making my own original sigils, is where I’m placing my faith in the near future, both for personal and social aims. But there is so much material to draw from, a smorgasbord of visually encoded language, that I can’t help but to borrow from some of those along the way, learning as I go.

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