Art for the Magical Thinker

Repeated use of an object slowly forges associations that become meaningful over time. Everyone has a favorite drinking vessel, personal adornment or piece of art that projects something of who they understand themselves to be. While a talisman or amulet is an item charged with intent to attract good fortune or repel harm, we also develop associative feedback about ourselves and our place in the world when the environment around us creates a cycle of storytelling in our lives. I am interested in playing with what happens when we intentionally link an art object with the intention to produce a desired outcome.

Our presence on the Earth produces ripples of causal effects, radiating outward from the center of each being, affecting our communities and institutions on all levels. These tremors are then reflected back at us through social and physical environments, accumulating ever greater resonances over time. We mirror our perceived surroundings, experiencing a distortion of the real in infinitely complex and undulating exchanges. Accustomed to living in this hall of mirrors, what happens when we pause to alter the flow of our unconsciously occurring story cycles? Through careful use of materials and symbolism, my work is an experiment in inducing modest transformation through a cultivated relationship with art.

To test my theories, I employ a variety of surfaces like copper, stoneware and hardwood panels, to investigate how symbols can act as localized attractors for the change we want to see. The solutions to issues of social and ecological justice are inextricably linked to our immediate environment and how we relate to the concept of wholeness. Our problems can’t be solved by algorithms, they must be carefully explored through intuitive and emotional connections. Rather than relying on the utility of logic boards to do the heavy lifting for us, we must reacquaint ourselves with a sense of mystery. Each talisman and warding tile we create is a seed, intended grow and flower into it’s own energy attractor for good in the world.

20170731_201416 (2)

Jeanine Malec lives and works in South Minneapolis, is a mother of three, an urban wildcrafter and works casually at Gallery 360 – celebrating 18 years of supporting local art! She currently serves on the board of directors for Art Shape Mammoth, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to connecting artists to new communities and supporting the development of artistic practice, dialogue, education, and research through creative public exchange. And is also a member of A Conspiracy of Strange Girls, a Minneapolis based artist collective promoting creative work by, for, and about Strange Girls. Nest and Tessellate is a labor of quixotic love, we humbly invite your participation in making magic great again.



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  1. I was doing some background research on Kathryn in Google and up pops this site. Very interesting!!! It reminds me of something I have to do and had planned to do, but forgot. Love you, Ed H.

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