Wards and Talismans

Protective sigils are created through a variety of methods, and result in a unique symbol or character, charged with specific intent by the creator and user. These objects have been created with specific purpose in mind, and have been cleansed and consecrated to be charged with your energy and perform this function. To activate the ward or talisman, you will need to perform the three ‘C’s – cleansing, consecrating and charging your object – in a way that is meaningful to you and your purposes. Below are suggestions for how to do this:

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>A stone, ring, or other object, engraved with figures or characters supposed to possess occult powers and worn as an amulet or charm.
>Any amulet or charm.
>Anything whose presence exercises a powerful influence on human feelings or actions.

These pieces are emblems of personal storytelling, designed to reinforce or diminish certain ideas that we presently hold about ourselves. If we need to altar something in our own inner space, they can act as a constant reminder of the change we want to see.

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Ritual Vessels

>A prescribed or established rite, ceremony, proceeding, or service: the ritual of the dead
>Any practice or pattern of behavior regularly performed in a set manner
>A prescribed code of behavior regulating social conduct (eg: shaking hands).

>A hollow utensil, such as a cup, vase, or pitcher, used as a container.

These are containers for water and medicine, blessings, visions and light. Some of them are intended for everyday use, some are to hold memories of a person or event. While they may vary widely in material and design, they are united in spirit.

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>A piece of artwork, such as a painting or carving, that is placed above and behind an altar.

These are meditative images to live with and absorb slowly over time. They strive to be minimalist in composition, with a transcendent effect. Borrowing from patterns in nature and symbolism, each one documents moments along a path of spiritual inquiry.

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Great Success!

This year’s Powderhorn Art Fair was the best I’ve had yet, I’ve learned a lot about the presentation of my work, pricing, diversifying my offerings and being conversational. I’ve also come a long way in understanding the intersection between what I do and what the market wants. That is a really foggy place to visit, because you’re always coming from a place colored by the experience of just having made the work, and it’s hard to be objective about it until some time has passed. If the point is to come up with a formula and follow it with minimal variation, I think I could comply if I retained three or four different mediums, so as to keep my interest over the long haul.

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A Home in Powderhorn

It’s that time of year again, the park is buzzing with activity. The jewel of the neighborhood, Powderhorn hosts people from all walks, coming together around this common space. It’s one of those things that can’t be described in words, you have to feel it to appreciate it fully. Mayday pageants, candlelight peace vigils, the PoHo Art Fair, Empty Bowls, voting, community pottery, youth sports, 4th of July fireworks, all manner of holy days and so on. Someone once told me that the Dali Llama once blessed the park, which I can’t verify, but I think the area is just magical. I’ve lived in 5 houses around Powderhorn over the course of ten years. I got married there, I’m still here.

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Personal Germ Factories

Blessed with an abundance of little germ factories in my house, I had options when trying out this recipe for taking a bacterial culture from kids. Ona was quick to volunteer her hands for the experiment, and Dax took notes. Below are the instructions we followed in preparing our agar plates. The results looked like yeast and maybe some kind of slime mold??? We also failed to completely dissolve the beef bouillon cube, so we most certainly skewed our results toward sugar-loving microbes. Try it and share your findings with me, eh?

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Culture Your Biome

Recent scientific studies suggest that for every 10 cells making up the body, nine are beneficial organisms that help the body’s systems, and only one is unique to you. That means that roughly nine tenths of your body weight is non-human. Weird, right? As a species, we behave as though we’re above the rest of the organisms on the tree of life, and here we’re nothing more than a glorified petri dish full of microbes we just happened to pick up along the way.

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Bio Couture

Borrowed imagery from the Center for Disease Control’s catalog of bugs & biopsies (all for use in the public domain), look like they come from another planet, but they are all to be found in, on or around the human body. We have our own clouds of microbes surrounding us, leaving a signature behind, everywhere we go. Our micro-biomes are affected by the biomes of others we spend time with, exchanging microbes, literally culturing friendships. According to a recent National Institutes of Health estimate, 90% of cells in the human body are bacterial, fungal, or otherwise non-human.

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Getting Conceptual: Part 3

The Curio Collection is a body of handmade sculptural art jewelry and objects, inspired by the historical ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’; private collections of natural objects as yet undefined by science, from the 14th-17th centuries. This was a time during which magic and science co-existed, prior to the great ‘enlightenment’, paving the way for technology as we know it today.

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