This whole thing will likely set me back 6 months in the advancement of my work. I’m not exaggerating, I can tell you right now that I will spend the next three to four months obsessing over news coverage, raging on for days, struggling to get out of a reactive state of mind. I’m sure I’ll take every opportunity to argue and debate with friends and family, gently explain what it means to a curious six-year-old, and spend free time writing letters and calling my reps until their inboxes explode. Then, maybe around the five-month mark, I’ll find a way to level off and switch to a slow-burn, so I can ground myself somewhat before the Summer is upon us again.

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Reluctant Storyteller

“Knowledge and wisdom are distinct concepts. Whereas knowledge may be only theoretical in nature, wisdom is experientially verified to be effective. Ancestral wisdom is made up of practices that our ancestors experienced to be so important and effective that they wished to pass them forward to us. The unique greatness of human beings stems from…

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