This whole seasonal cycle has been a roller-coaster, with sharp emotional (political and otherwise) ups and downs, for a variety of reasons – public and private. This late in the year, after so much turmoil in the news and in our communities, it feels numbing just to keep up with the deluge. Like trying to drink water from a fire hose, I feel like I’m fighting just to remain centered. One thing that I’ve found to be a grounding force, however, is a foray into medicine gardens, herbalism and wildcrafting. The quiet times I’ve spent researching, gathering and cultivating have paid for themselves by opening up a space for calmness to creep up, displacing the inner melee.

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The Grid

Not so much a grid as a universal lattice of some kind, I’m thinking of these studies as looking more closely at all of the boxes we create for ourselves or involuntarily find ourselves within. An aerial photograph of any human settlement will reveal a pattern of change imposed upon the landscape. The same kinds of patterns are employed inside of our technologies, embedded in social structures and modes of thinking. We compartmentalize information, emotions, nature and reality inside of billions and billions of known quantities, but miss all of the spaces in between. I think there’s more out there, and I’m using these as a way of visually digesting this taxonomy of experience. 

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The Living Gallery

Above, the lovely Sarah Holm of Black Spoke Leather Co. sports one of my brooches at the Golden Pearl Vintage, bringing it to life. Historically, my chief complaints about two-dimensional artwork is that it just sits there, it doesn’t do anything. In college, I recall being laughed at in critique for making that statement, but…

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